Leasing & Tenant Care

It’s a philosophy we call “tenant-centric”—every property we buy, renovate or develop revolves around offering tenants what they seek in functionality, location, value, and service.

The Best Designed Buildings
As landlord to hundreds of companies, Exeter understands how tenants use their facilities.  We offer highly functioning properties because we know the significance of site circulation or the nuances of interior lighting systems.  Our technical real estate expertise also allows us to redevelop and upgrade buildings so that we can provide tenants with modern, attractive space, often at a great value in the most desirable, close-in locations.

Multi-Market, Multi-Product Coverage
Exeter owns over 250 million square feet of industrial space in over 50 U.S. and European markets.  Our diverse portfolio offers tenants a wide range of property types to suit their real estate needs, from warehousing, distribution and assembly, to showroom and suburban office space.  Our relationships with major national and international corporations have been built on providing the right facilities across the country and accommodating our tenants as their businesses evolve.

Exeter’s Leasing and Asset Management Team
Exeter is a hands-on landlord that manages its leasing and assets internally.  Our professionals are easy to work with, responsive and broker-friendly, and with our highly interactive approach, we offer flexible terms and fair-minded negotiations.  Furthermore, our efficient process and solutions-oriented team keeps lease process time to a minimum, which allows our customers to proceed from corporate approval to occupancy in a timeframe that meets their operational needs.

Superior Property Management
With an attitude of delivering proactive solutions, timeliness, and follow-through, Exeter is dedicated to providing best in class property management and creating strong tenant relationships.  Thus we manage our properties directly; we never outsource this valuable relationship.  During our tenants’ entire period of occupancy, we strive for real estate solutions that might range from a new parking configuration to a custom building expansion.

We believe that close and ongoing communication with our tenants allows us to spend time and capital on the areas that provide the most meaningful impact to their business.  This customized service leads to greater tenant retention—and thus stability for our customers and for our investments.