Value Add Funds

Exeter provides large to small investors the opportunity to participate in sector-specific and geographically focused property portfolios.

We seek to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns in the industrial property sector by utilizing our multi-regional operator platform to source single-asset and small portfolio investments and to add value through property renovation, lease up and development.  The funds are structured as commingled, discretionary, closed-end vehicles with short to medium term horizons.  Representative vehicles to date include:

  • Exeter Industrial Value Fund III: An $832 million commingled fund which is focused on industrial assets including big box warehouses and multi-tenant logistics facilities in primary U.S. markets.  Now closed to new investors, this fund commenced investing in 2014.
  •  Exeter Industrial Value Fund II: With a similar investment focus as Fund III, this $615 million commingled fund acquired $1.8 billion in industrial assets during 2011-2014.  The fund is currently in its asset management & realization stage.
  • Exeter Industrial Value Fund: The first in Exeter’s U.S. value add fund series, this $357 million fund acquired $820 million in industrial assets during 2007-2011.  The fund is also in its asset management & realization stage.