Core Accounts

Exeter provides large-scale organizations the ability to institute a customized investment account to capture specific opportunities in the market.

Such vehicles utilize Exeter’s industrial real estate operator skills to assemble (or develop) and manage portfolios of the highest quality assets across the selected markets to generate above-market returns.  Specialized portfolios can be designed for investors seeking a range of goals from core to core+ and build-to-core, and can be discretionary or non-discretionary.  Representative vehicles to date include:

  • Exeter Core Industrial Venture: $400 million account serving  an Asian sovereign wealth fund and a U.S. public pension fund.  The low leverage, long term vehicle focuses on Class A, long term leased industrial properties in selected primary U.S. markets.
  • Exeter-Phoenix European Investment Partnership: €25 million account serving a global asset manager to pursue logistics properties in Ireland and the United Kingdom.